Amp Mods In A BoxTM
Tube amp modifications in kit form. Technicians or DIY.

All kits come with complete instructions, tools list, and all the parts needed including wire and cables. Many kits have photos and some have videos. All kits are affordable. Most mods are reversible. All listed kits have been tested in real tube amps.

others, non-make specific mods.

Some mods are: Added gain. Effects loop. Greater volume before feedback. Add master volume. Add distortion where master volume provides none. Optimize for Harp. Change output tube type. Change bias type. Add channel switching. Add speaker switching. 10 year maintenance kit. 20 year maintenance kit. Smooth out the treble. Authenticate my sound. Blackface conversion. Reliability Mods. Jazz. Blues. Classic Rock. Metal. Surf. Ska. Funk. Chicago. LA. London.

E-mail for specially designed kits, engineered solutions for your tube amp.
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your website if you would like to offer installation of our kits, or offer services that our customers would find a useful (cabinets, chassis, speaker reconing, etc). A return link is requested.

We are as passionate about our parts' quality as we are our designs. We take pride in offering sensible proven designs, clear instructions, and top quality parts for without going overboard.

Over 20 years of amp repair and modification leads us to offer the most appropriate part choices for a given application. We understand the subtleties and the implications of the parts chosen, whether capacitor, resistor, wire or potentiometer.

Disclaimer: Tube amplifiers have potentially lethal voltages, all kits should be installed by competent technicians. AmpModsInABox makes no claim as to the safe operation of any kits, as no prior inspection of the equipment to be modified has been made by AmpModsInABox. The Purchaser assumes all liability, risk and responsibilities arising from installation of kits available on this website, and agrees to hold harmless AmpModsInABox, its agents and owners. Liability is limited to replacement of the kit, or a refund at the discretion of the seller.